RepliKaty dazzles audiences with their vibrant and meticulously crafted tribute to pop superstar Katy Perry. Comprising talented musicians and performers who share a deep admiration for Perry’s work, RepliKaty captures the essence of Katy’s iconic stage presence, flamboyant costumes, and powerhouse vocals. Their performances are a spectacular display of color and energy, featuring hit after hit from Perry’s extensive catalog. From “Firework” to “Teenage Dream,” RepliKaty ensures every concert is a feast for the senses, promising not just a musical tribute, but a full-scale pop spectacle, inviting fans to sing along and relive the magic of Katy Perry’s most memorable performances.


Upcoming Shows


  1. Highlight Reel RepliKaty 1:44
  2. Roar RepliKaty 0:57
  3. I Kissed a Girl RepliKaty 0:47
  4. Hot & Cold RepliKaty 0:29
  5. Firework RepliKaty 0:29
  6. California Gurls RepliKaty 0:35

The members of RepliKaty are a talented ensemble dedicated to capturing the spirit and energy of the pop superstar. At the forefront is their lead vocalist, whose powerful voice and dynamic stage presence mirror Katy Perry’s own. With an impressive vocal range and an uncanny ability to channel Perry’s distinct style, the lead singer brings each song to life with authenticity and flair. Supporting the vocalists are skilled musicians who contribute to the band’s vibrant sound, faithfully recreating the infectious pop melodies and energetic beats that define Perry’s music. Together, the members of RepliKaty combine their passion for performance with a commitment to honoring Katy Perry’s legacy, delivering electrifying shows that leave audiences feeling like they’ve experienced the real thing. For booking and more information reach out directly through the contact form.